Thursday, 7 April 2011

I've been a bad girl!

I set up this blog in a fit of enthusiasm then disappeared. Terribly sorry. Bad bad bad. I shall forswear chocolate for a whole month.

But I'm back...and I'll stay back this time. After all, I need somewhere to come to procrastinate instead of working on the big scary final writing project for my course.

So what have I been up to writing-wise in the past few months? A fair bit.

Still studying with the OU. I'm now on course A363 and concentrating on drama. Turning out to be a bit of a drama as well at times, but I'm enjoying it overall and learning a lot. Have a ex-BBC scriptwriter for a tutor so making the most of it while it lasts.

Applied for a small 'New Buds' grant here: to develop a 15 minute radio drama written for the A363 course into a full length radio drama (to be used for professional feedback and a few days off work to concentrate on it) but I was unlucky there. Apparently my application met the criteria but 'there were too many applicants'. Ah well, never mind, worth a try. It's an interesting site if you are in the south east so take a look. It can be a bit Brighton-centric but they hold events throughout the region and have a lot to offer new writers.

Went to a rather scary but enlightening training day with East Kent Live Lit, looking at new ways to present literature work to a live audience. Scary because I felt way out of my depth; enlightening because it helped me  look at my work in a new way and be inspired by other people doing all sorts of wonderful things. Live Lits blog about the day with a film of a groupwork art piece, and here's a link to another participant who was brave enough to have her work posted on the net afterwards: live-lit-making-day-clare-proctor. Clare has the most amazing sense of timing here and has created an innovative piece to accompany her poem.

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